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Sports Massage

Stay Healthy For Hard Training

Full body active release and myofascial techniques will be used during this session to keep you healthy and strong for your sport.  Great for athletes looking to stay healthy or for individuals looking for relief from minor aches and pains from hard training.

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy

Structural Re Balancing

In this treatment we focus more on structural balance for the whole body.  Creating mobility and stability in your joints from the feet all the way to the head.  These sessions involve hands on work as well as movement re education.  Once mobility is increased with hands on work we continue treatment with movement therapy to further increase mobility and develop stability in the necessary areas.

Personal Training

Private or Partner Sessions Available

We will discuss your goals and needs and determine a training plan tailored to your needs.


Your Trainer

Jason is a Massage Therapist (LMBT #17641) and graduate of Miller Motte College in Cary, NC.  In addition, Jason is a Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist and holds certifications as a Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, Level 1 Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Human Movement Specialist, Certified in Applied Functional Science and is certified through FMT in Cupping, Compressive Band Therapy, and Kinesiology Taping and through FMS to perform Functional Movement Screens and Functional Capacity Screens.    Jason believes in a multipronged approach to an individual’s overall wellbeing with movement being the cornerstone of healing.  He is passionate about this profession and continues to dedicate his life to helping people feel their best.


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