What is a Sports Massage?

What is a Sports Massage?

No massage is the same, and the same goes for sports massage.  Its likely that my sports massage will be very different than the previous ones you've gone too, so here is a brief overview of what to expect.

You will stay clothed during the sports massage so make sure to come in with athletic apparel.  

If you just want to come in for maintenance than I would suggest a 60 minute sports massage where I will use muscle energy techniques, deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point therapy to keep you healthy and moving well.

A 75 or 90 minute session will involve a little more therapeutic work in terms of diving deeper into a particular problem area but the same general techniques will be use.

The use of IASTM,  Cupping, Taping, Flossing, and percussion therapy may be implemented to gain the desired results.

*If you're experiencing chronic pain I would highly suggest booking a myoskeletal alignment session rather than a sports massage.  Minor strains and pains can be worked on in a sports massage, but with chronic injuries it is likely the structure of your body is off and quick fixes will only get you so far.*



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